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  • Metolius River Retreat

    Just back from a weekend retreat at a friend’s cabin on the Metolius River. We had a great time and got a lot of quilting done. As usual, I brought far more projects than I could possibly wok on but then, I never know what I will be in the mood to do so I like variety in my choices which is not a problem given how many simultaneous projects and deadlines I have.

    Stained Glass Quilt Cyclamen design being quilted
    Stained Glass Quilt Cyclamen design being quilted

    I did make progress on two projects. One is a class sample for a Stained Glass Quilt class I have scheduled at Pioneer Quilts in August. The pattern of a Cyclamen is my original design and I have a couple of other floral patterns that will be available. The quilt top has been done for a while but needed to be quilted and I got most of that done at the cabin; all that remains to do is quilt the border and borders are always a challenge for me to decide on what to do with them.

    The second one I worked on is an ongoing foundation paper piecing project with small ‘medallion’  blocks that resemble those you see on Navajo rugs. I drafted the foundation patterns to use in borders on one of my Animal Totem quilts but I enjoyed the process of making them so much that I continued to crank them out for a future quilt. They are precise because of the foundation piecing and they use up lots of scraps. I’ve worked out how large each scrap needs to be for each part of the block and I assemble the fabrics for individual blocks while watching movies on Netflix. I can’t stand watching TV with idle hands and this is a great project to occupy me in the evening. After the pinned bundles of pieces are tossed into a Zip-loc bag, it’s a simple matter to pull out the color coordinated scraps to piece the blocks. These may end up as another border somewhere or maybe even a standalone quilt – who knows?

  • What’s New!

    I’ve been a busy girl; finishing up some UFOs and working on new classes, samples and patterns. Among other things, I’m working on a new ‘cat’ series. All you Garden Patch Cat fans need not panic – there are still quite a few more fruity and veggie cats to come (Hint: the next one will be ‘Purrsnip’), but it was time to start thinking of what will come next.

    About ten years ago, I designed a block of the month program quilt for Story Quilts named ‘Temple Guardians’, a series of elegant stylized Siamese cat blocks. The program did very well but from day one, I kept getting requests from quilters who were not interested in making the whole quilt but would I “please offer the blocks individually”. At that time, Story Quilts did not wish to do that as they felt it would undermine the shops choosing to run it as a Block of the Month. Now, finally, after activity on the full sized Block of the Month quilt has tapered off, Story Quilts has finally given me the go-ahead to rework the patterns into individual wall hangings.

    I am excited! This comes at a time when I was already becoming interested in the whole ‘Modern Quilt’ movement but I have no desire to jump into making a bed-sized modern quilt. This simplified design concept creates an excellent backdrop for these very Art Deco style cats. It is my plan to produce individual patterns from all the original Temple Guardian cats, each in a setting with that ‘modern’ twist and each bearing a name that exemplifies a trait that makes a cat – a CAT.

    This first in the series is ‘Dignity’ (what is a cat if not dignified) and it measures about 21″ x 35″ depending on quilting. The more intricate quilting you add, the more shrinkage you get in the finished quilt. Of the two samples pictured below, the cover sample belongs to Story Quilts and the second sample with the black and turquoise border blocks is mine. YES, I will be offering Posh Cats as a class for those who want help in assembling the quilt. The cats being simple and streamlined are a great subject for those wanting to learn hand applique – most of the pieces are fairly large and have very few tricky areas like points and valleys. The cats can also be fused of course, for those to whom hand applique is the ‘A’ word; or HA (more appropriately). I, for one, love to laugh – HA, HA, HA.

    in my new cat series - Posh Cats. Each will be named after a ' catly' personality trait, this one is 'Dignity'. This is the pattern cover sample.[/caption]
    Dignity pattern cover photo
    Dignity pattern cover photo
    #1 in my new cat series - Posh Cats. Each will be named after a ' catly' personality trait, this one is 'Dignity'. This is a second sample with a black and turquoise border and more intricate background quilting.

    On another topic, one more ‘new’ addition to the website is a list of the lectures I offer for guild or event programs. You will find it under the ‘classes’ tab in a link directly after another link with class descriptions of all the classes I offer. Many of the lectures are old favorites like The Principles of Landscape Quilt Design, Color Theory and The Art & Craft of Quilting, but there are some new additions including a brand new trunk show and talk about ethnic influences in my work that I call ‘Global Dances’. The talk and trunk show include my ‘ethnic themed’ work such as Molas, Sashiko, my Animal Totem series and other quilts with ethnic motifs or symbolism.

  • Home Again….

    Back on my way to Portland. It’s been a lovely trip but it’s always nice to come home. Not that I get to rest; next Monday, March 10, I am presenting a program at the Northwest Quilter’s meeting on quilts made from Taupe fabrics – plenty of eye candy.

    The following Saturday, I am giving a workshop on Animal Totems – creating a totem quilt with Seminole Piecing and reverse applique. The workshop is full (with a waiting list) but take heart, I will be offering this class at local quilt shops.

    There will be a variety of totems – a salmon, a jaguar, wolf, lizard, bear, rabbit, crow… and others as well. See some pictures of finished samples below.

    Salmon Totem #2
    Jaguar Totem
    Salmon Totem # 1