• The Green Man

    Folklore and Mythology is rich with references to The Green Man. Known in many cultures, he is most prevalent in Celtic mythology. The Green Man is the male aspect of Mother Nature, he is consort to the Earth Mother Goddess and their union is the foundation of the Pagan May festival of Beltane.

    The Green Man is portrayed as a hirsute man whose locks and facial hair are represented by leaves and branches. Sometimes he is pictured with horns like a stag.

    Once a month, I hold an Art Journal Quilt class in which we explore techniques and design a bit more in the artistic realm than those usually found in quilting classes. A couple of months ago, the assignment was to create a collage of the Green Man starting with a printed or traced face and embellishing it with a collage of fussy cut leaves and flowers. At the last class, a couple of students brought their completed Green Man quilts for ‘Show & Crow’ and I’m posting them here for your enjoyment.

    If you are curious or interested in the Journal Quilt classes, we meet monthly at two locations in Portland – The first Friday of each month at Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie, and the last Friday of each month at Sewn Loverly in Wilsonville. Contact the shops for details or to register.

    Joy's Green Man Quilt
    Joy’s Green Man Quilt
    Ardie's Green Man Quilt
    Ardie’s Green Man Quilt


  • Christmas In July!

    Why Christmas in July? The weather is sunny and warm, the outdoors beckon with gardens and birdsong; who wants to worry about Christmas at this time of year? In my younger years I wouldn’t even start to think of Holiday crafts until the nip of Autumn started nibbling and the days grew shorter and more golden. Football season heralded in my creative spirit and I would sit and stitch while my husband and his buddies watched and cheered their favorite teams. The trouble with that was time; many of the projects I tackled were too involved to get done in time for Christmas without that last minute panicked rush. Every year I would promise myself that next year it would be different – next year I will start my projects earlier.

    I think this was the thought in everyone’s minds that birthed the concept of Christmas in July; that and the fact that many fabric manufacturers start shipping their Christmas prints at this time of year.

    I have a class coming up at Pioneer Quilts in a couple of weeks – a holiday wall hanging I call ‘Santa’s Cabin’. This is a foundation paper piecing project that creates a charming rustic cabin flanked by pine trees (perfect for embellishing if that is your passion). The paper piecing is more complex than some of the basic ‘quilt blocks’ you often see yet not so complex as to put it beyond the skills of a raw beginner. Not big on Santa? Make the cabin for an angel or forego the holiday theme altogether and simply make this a rustic cabin in the woods. I do hope you will come join me on Sunday July 16th from 11 am to 3:30 pm and make your own lovely little cabin. Contact Pioneer Quilts to enroll in this class.

    Christmas Cabin
    Christmas Cabin


  • Kudos to Charlotte

    Sometimes I think of myself as a mama bird, anxiously watching her hatchlings feather out and take wing. I am always proud of my students achievements whether they complete their assignments or not – they always get an A+ for effort and enthusiasm; I do not ascribe to Yoda’s admonishment to Luke – “Do or do not, there is no try”. I applaud ‘trying’, I’d rather see that than to have someone not even attempt something through fear of failure. \

    In my experience, my students always produce something they should be proud of, sometimes I get to see it and sometimes I don’t. In some cases, they stay in touch either giving me progress reports or asking for additional mentoring as they finish their project (which I’m always delighted to give).

    Those of you who follow me or check in on my posts regularly may recall a post I did several weeks back showing some landscape quilts in progress from some students. One of them – Charlotte – has been in touch off and on, asking questions and showing me picture of her quilt in progress. The other day she finally sent me a photo of her finished quilt and here it is for you to admire – Great job Charlotte!

    Charlotte's Landscape Quilt.
    Charlotte’s Landscape Quilt.