Another Successful Workshop

Hello dear readers. It’s been too long since my last post but better late than never. I have a friend who swears it only takes 15 minutes to do a post. Maybe I am just inept when it comes to blog posts (and in all truth – I prefer designing and creating to blogging) but it took me several hours just to select, crop and optimize the photos for this post not to mention assembling them into a gallery template.

Enough about my computer skills (or lack thereof); what I want to talk about is my workshops in Las Vegas last month. It’s always a challenge picking a class that will appeal to the greatest number of students and that is exactly what a guild and an instructor want – a good enrollment in the workshop. In this case, the Desert Quilters of Nevada chose very well. Not only did the classes fill but they filled so well that they had to ask me to add an extra class to accommodate all the students. I, of course, was thrilled to do so.

The two workshops chosen were my Bella Vista Mini-Landscapes/Postcards From Japan and Confetti Trees. In both classes, students worked from patterns of my own design though a couple of mavericks created their own unique designs with great success.

Often, when I teach I get so wrapped up in that process that I completely forget to pause and take pictures and it was no different in this case. By the time I thought of pictures, many students had gathered their equipment and were headed out the door but I did ask students to send me pictures of their quilts if they were so inclined and I’m happy to say the pictures have been arriving in my inbox on a fairly regular basis along with notes of how much they enjoyed the class.

Though I will not deny that teaching is most definitely a source of income for me, it is this enthusiasm and pride on the part of my students that keeps me enthralled with the process of sharing my skills and knowledge. My thanks go out to the Desert Quilters of Nevada for a wonderful, successful teaching engagement and for sharing the pictures of their accomplishments with me to share with you.


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