Helene’s Story

I was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula in central California, a beautiful area that served as an inspiration to set me onto a creative path for life. From a very early age I showed a keen interest in art, starting with drawing and painting and exploring different mediums for my self-expression as I matured in years and experience. Fortunately, my parents recognized my interest and encouraged me in my pursuits. As a young adult I studied art in college though life, a child and an extensive home remodel interfered and I did not complete my education with a degree.

I am blessed with proficient drawing and illustration skills and have explored a number of artistic mediums including painting, stained glass, metalsmithing and embroidery. In the early 70′s, I turned my attention to fiber and fabrics with a focus on quilting. Quilting was experiencing a renaissance in popularity and making a gradual transition from utilitarian craft to an art form. I found myself intrigued by the medium; it’s challenges and possibilities. There were very few classes or workshops available to someone of my age in that area so I struggled to teach myself the craft with the help of books and hands-on experimentation.

For the last 42 years or so, fiber and quilting has been my primary medium. After so many years, I still find working with fabrics challenging and satisfying. At every turn I find new inspiration and opportunities to explore new techniques. I love exhibiting my work and have expanded my interest to include teaching my skills and knowledge to others to inspire a new generation of quilters and fiber artists, along with designing commercial quilt patterns.

In 1991, my family moved to Portland and I took a hiatus from regular employment to explore fiber arts and manage the two acres of property that we now live on. In 1999, my husband was laid off from his job and it became apparent that I would once again need to find gainful employment and so began teaching fiber and quilting classes. Over the years, I had won many awards at local, regional and national quilt shows and the recognition served me well in promoting myself as a teacher. I have expanded into designing commercial quilting patterns and currently have a line of patterns that are published by Story Quilts and continue working for them part time as an in-house designer.

I currently design patterns, teach quilting/fiber classes and take commissions for art quilts as well as participate in quilt and fiber art shows.

I am active in a number of guilds and art/quilting groups and like to stay involved with the quilting community. In addition to art, I have a passion for gourmet cooking, reading and music.

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