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In addition to traveling and teaching for guilds and retreats out of the area, I also teach a wide variety of classes at a few of the local shops. Below is a chronological listing of my upcoming classes; for more detailed information – hours and class fees – click on the appropriate shop link  and check their class calendar, or call them to register.

Corona Virus NEW Update! Please note that I will list classes as I can based on the stores rescheduling them. Some stores set up schedules only to have to cancel them again as the Covid cases are spiking. I am exploring the possibility of teaching virtual classes and will post those here when I get set up for that.

October 19, 2020: Program – Sashiko, Boro & Beyond: Westside Quilters

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in a rustic approach to embellishment and stitchery starting with Japanese Sashiko and moving onto Boro, Kantha and and movement called ‘Slow Stitching’. This program and trunk show will cover the various aspects of this meditative hand stitchery as practiced by various cultures and a showing of my own work.

NOTE: as of this time, the Art & Soul August classes have been cancelled until the Spring session. I am leaving these descriptions in place in case we schedule the same classes in Spring

2021: Hand Dyed Embroidery Threads
Art & Soul Retreats

Evening class: Why spend extra money on hand dyed embroidery threads when they are easy to dye yourself. If you love to embroider or do hand stitched wool applique, you owe it to yourself to try this. Creating your own hand dyed floss and pearl cotton gives you greater variety and allows you to choose your own colors and/or color combinations for variegated threads. The process of dying variegated thread is somewhat serendipitous but you will discover unique, beautiful color combinations as the dyes blend to create gorgeous thread. Skill Level: Beginner

Hand Dyed Pearl Cotton and 6-strand Floss

2021: Ancient Icons
Art & Soul Retreats

Day Class: These are a series of small ‘Artists Tiles’ joined into an assemblage with beads or stitchery; they can also be made as individual miniature artworks for jewelry or to apply to other projects. Inspirational fabric prints are the starting point for a variety of embellishing techniques – beading, stamping, painting, embroidery and/or the application of found objects, If making an artistic assemblage, it can be hung from a bamboo segment, piece of rustic driftwood or… Your imagination is the only limit. Skill Level: Confident Beginner (some beading and hand embroidery skills would be helpful but not necessary)

2021: Fabric Feathers
Art & Soul Retreats

Evening Class: These feathers are very easy to make from scraps of denim, recycled worn out jeans; it even works with some upholstery fabrics if they are heavy enough and fray well. Your feathers can be used to embellish other projects or strung to make into jewelry, dangle from a purse or bag and even used as a unique scissors fob to identify your scissors at a class or workshop. Skill Level: Beginner and up

2021: 3-D Fabric Pebbles
Art & Soul Retreats

Evening Class: Walk down any Oregon beach or stream and you will find tons of them – pebbles in all sizes, shapes and colors. Many are polished smooth from their tumbling journey in the sea and many have inclusions of quartz or fossils; you can even find the occasional agate scattered in with the other stones. In this workshop you will learn how to make surprisingly realistic dimensional pebbles scattered over a sandy background to create a small pebble sampler. This is a handwork project; no sewing machine is needed for the class. Skill Level: Beginner and up.

2021: Crow Woman
Art & Soul Retreats

Day Class: This project combines appliqued felt embellished with hand embroidery to create an iconic image of a tribal priestess in a manifestation as a crow. Crows symbolize transcendence, they are considered powerful spirits and harbingers of change. A familiarity with hand embroidery stitches will give a student advantage but is not necessary for the class, the stitches covered in the lesson are fairly simple and the embroidery could be rendered by a confident beginner.

Crow Woman Embroidery

2021: Paper/Fabric Beads
Art & Soul Retreats

Evening Class: These Beads are rolled from strips of paper or fabric. It’s a wonderful way to up-cycle colorful scrap paper – old magazines, salvaged holiday wrapping paper, junk mail… the beads can also be made from fabric leftover from other sewing projects. They are fast to make and can be embellished further with paints, seed beads, wire and decorative threads. Fabric can be frayed for a lovely fringe type effect that makes a bead somewhere between bead and tassel. The finished beads can be used to embellish other fiber arts or strung to make jewelry. Skill Level: Confident Beginner

2021: Hand Stitched Button Medallions
Art & Soul Retreats

Evening Class: These are little hand stitched mandalas type compositions sewn onto felt or felted wool to frame collectible buttons, The embroidery is composed from very simple easy stitches and a student need not have previous embroidery skills to create one of these little carousels of color. Skill Level: Beginner and up

2021: Fabrications – Collage Lace
Art & Soul Retreats

In this class you will create a lacy montage out of recycled bits of thread, fabric, fibers and fabric motifs. Not only is the process fun and serendipitous but you will be up-cycling bits and pieces most crafts people would chuck into the trash. Instead of adding to a landfill, you will walk away from class with an enchanting piece of fabric lace that you can use as a piece of ephemera in other art projects. Skill level: Confident Beginner and up.


These classes are held every month on a repeating schedule: Other than the Hand Embroidery Open Sew at Cedar Ridge Quilts and The Attic Cats Open Sew at Sharon’s Attic, the others are suspended until further notice

Hand Embroidery ~ Open Sew – Cedar Ridge Quilts

This ongoing class is an ‘Open Sew’ environment. Students will bring the hand stitchery projects they are working on that they need help with and work on them in the session. This is a perfect opportunity to finish those UFOs started in another class or get some individual help on a pattern you wish to start. Skill Level: Beginner and up

Sample only, does not represent a class project
Art Journal Quilt - part of my 'nest' series
Art Journal Quilt – part of my ‘nest’ series

Art Journal QuiltsCedar Ridge Quilts

(Usually the third Thursday of each month – call shop to confirm or contact me to be put on the email notification list)

Seams Like Spring – dimensional flowers tucked into stem-like seams

These are small page sized projects that are usually quickly made as an exercise to try out new techniques in a small low risk form. In each monthly class, we will explore a new technique or design approach to try out methods that go beyond the traditional quilting patterns and techniques. Methods can include: beading, embroidery, fabric dyeing, painting and collage, fabric manipulation and other ‘roads less traveled’. The classes are ongoing, meeting every month to show and share work and ideas, explore a variety of techniques (and indulge in artisan chocolate). As the projects and technique will vary from month to month, contact the teacher for the current supply list. Skill Level: Confident Beginner and up.

Attic Cats – Group Sewing – Sharon’s Attic

(Usually the first Tuesday of each month – call shop to confirm or contact me to be put on the email notification list)

Sour Puss
Sour Puss

This monthly class has gradually transitioned into an ‘Open Sew’ type of group and some students bring other projects to work on enjoying the camaraderie of other quilters and the support of having a teacher present to mentor them if they wish. Students are still free to choose and make a Garden Patch Cat if they wish and occasionally we devote a session in which we explore a specific project or technique that students are welcome to participate in or not as they choose.


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