New BOM Event

I am pleased to launch a new endeavor; a pieced ‘Cat of the Month’ program – Pieceful Cats. Each month a new block pattern will be available for download, each block will vary in size and design. You can assemble a single block in multiples for a larger quilt or collect them all to assemble creatively into one final quilt. Each block will be mainly pieced with a few appliqued details where needed, the piecing technique may vary from traditional techniques to foundation piecing when appropriate. I intend the program to include nine cat blocks and the final 10th pattern will be a finishing pattern for assembling them all into a single quilt. To get you started, the first pattern is free, subsequent patterns will be downloadable for a modest fee. I will make an announcement on my Faceboock and Instagram pages when a new block is uploaded and you can choose which blocks you wish to download each month. If you have questions please contact me through the contact page on my site

Pieceful Cats block #1

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