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March 10 – 17, 2019: Art and Soul Retreat!

Thread Painted Songbird

A week of fun, challenge and creativity! The Art and Soul mixed media retreat returns to Portland Oregon this spring, presenting a series of classes in a wide range of mediums and disciplines. I will be offering an assortment of full-day and evening classes; descriptions below:

Thread Painted Butterflies

Sunday March 10 – Thread Painting: This beginning level thread painting class will teach you to use your sewing machine and thread much like a box of crayons.  You do not need an ‘embroidery’ machine for this, just one that can be used for free motion stitching with a straight stitch. The stitching is hand guided not computerized and even a basic machine will work fine.The stained glass style butterfly project (good for beginning thread painters) is simple enough to render in a basic ‘color within the lines’ approach but can be stitched in a more complex style adding details and blending colors for the more adventurous spirits. For those seeking more challenge, a more ‘painterly’ bird pattern (intermediate to advanced skills) is an alternative choice in class. Skill Level: Confident Beginner to Advanced (familiarity with free-motion stitching is recommended). All day class 9 am – 4:30 pm

3-D fabric Pebbles

Tuesday March 12 – 3-Dimensional Pebbles: Walk down any Oregon beach or stream and you will find tons of them – pebbles in all sizes, shapes and colors. Many are polished smooth from their tumbling journey from mountaintop to sea and many have inclusions of quartz or fossils; you can even find the occasional agate scattered in with the other stones. In this class you will make your own collection of dimensional pebbles scattered on a sandy shore or nestled in a rippling pool.  Skill Level: Beginner. Evening class 6 pm – 9 pm

Joy’s leaf trees

Wednesday March 13 – Nature Prints: Leaves are abundant, free for the taking and make wonderful prints on paper and fabric. So too, some vegetables and even twigs can be used to create wonderful patterns on a variety of surfaces. In this class, you will make a sampling of prints on whatever surface you wish – fabric for quilt/fiber artists and/or paper for collage artists. Skill Level: Beginner. Evening class 6 pm – 9 pm

Hand Lettering on Fabric

Thursday March 14 – Abandoned Bookmarks:  Creating fine hand lettering on fabric is a challenge to do neatly and evenly. In this class, I will show you a method of plotting out neat and precise lettering without the fear of mistakes , crooked letters or unbalanced layouts; the class project you will make is a bookmark. The bookmark can be yours to keep, or give as a gift to a friend or leave it tucked into a library book for a total stranger to find and treasure as part of the Art Abandonment Project.  This technique can be used to make quilt or garment labels, create lettering on quilts and even draw images on fabric. Skill Level: Beginner. Evening Class 6 pm – 9 pm

Tide Pool quilt – Stumpwork ‘Sea Anemones’

Friday March 15 – Stumpwork Sea Anemones: Stumpwork is a form of dimensional hand embroidery that rose to popularity in 17th Century Europe. Used to decorate jewel boxes, framed art and other novelties, stumpwork usually featured vignettes of animals and plant life rendered in stitches that create texture and sculptural form.  The subject for this project is the ephemeral ‘flower of the sea’ – the Sea Anemone. Not actually flowers but animals, sea anemones are related to corals but resemble flowers. Like flowers, they come in astounding colors. In their ‘open’ active state they do look like flowers with tentacles radiating from a center ‘mouth’; and when disturbed the anemone draws in its tentacles and resembles a rounded pillow, both forms are included in the project. This is a handwork project; no sewing machine is needed for this class. All day class 9 am – 4:30 pm

Two student quilts from my Maplewood pattern made in a Triadic color scheme.

Friday March 16 – Nature Scrolls: Leaves and blossoms swirl in through an open window. Flowering branches peek through and wander in. These quilts are fun, easy to make and celebrate the beauties of nature; they can be embellished if you wish. In this class you will create a wall hanging with your own window into a seasonal garden of your choosing with appropriate leaves, branches and/or flowers depending on what season you choose. The finished size of the quilt is either 9”x 20” or a larger 13”x 27” version, you can also design your own scroll to whatever size you wish if you prefer. There will be several patterns for leaves, branches and flowers supplied in the class for those not wishing to design their own or you may opt to use a floral print in a ‘Broderie Perse’ technique. Apply these leaves or flowers using fusible web or a nifty raw-edged machine appliqué technique you will learn in the class. Skill level: Confidant beginner and up. All day class 9 am – 4:30 pm

3-D Fabric Maple leaves, enhanced with colored pencil

Friday March 16 – 3-D Fabric Leaves: These lovely curled three dimensional leaves can be used as embellishment on quilts or wearable art, they are easier to make than they look and with careful fabric and thread choices, can look quite realistic. Students will stitch and form a delicate leaf to take home and apply as they wish. Skill Level – Confident Beginner and up. Evening class 6 pm – 9 pm

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