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  • ‘Mighty Pines’ Arrives in Shops

    My new fabric line – Mighty Pines – from Northcott has arrived! It’s in the stores!  I just love it! Not only is the center panel a wonderful reproduction of the quilt that inspired the line but the coordinating fabrics that are part of the line are also wonderful, Deborah Edwards at Northcott is a master at adapting a quilt design into a line of coordinating fabric. I saw the line for the first time in person when it arrived at a shop I was teaching at about a week ago.

    Mighty Pines printed panel

    This picture was taken at Cedar Ridge Quilts in Oregon City

  • Art & Soul Retreats Coming to Portland in March 2019

    Time for some shameless self-promotion! I want to talk about my classes at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland next spring. I plan to do this in segments devoting a separate blog post to each the better to promote each class individually. My first will be:

    Thread Painting: March 10, 2019; 9am – 4:30pm

    This is free-motion quilting on steroids. Though it does take a degree of confidence to plunge into it, the method does not require quite the level of precision that traditional free-motion quilting does for delightful results. In regular free-motion quilting, the beauty lies in individual lines, these lines should be rendered with accuracy to be attractive but Thread Painting is more like coloring or (as the name says) painting.  A skillful hand will yield spectacular results but even a novice with less expertise can create something beautiful.

    In this class, I will offer two options to try – a pair of butterflies that enlists a coloring book approach that is suitable for a raw beginner and a songbird that employs a more ‘painterly’ technique involving layering and blending of colors and textures. Though I recommend a beginner to try the butterflies a confident beginner can try the bird and get good results. I have even had past students create their own bird from a photo to explore.

    The project sizes are small to make it possible to complete the thread painting in a reasonable amount of time, rather than have it turn into weeks or months of work or risk it languishing in your studio as a UFO. The cost of thread for a smaller project is also reasonable; thread is not cheap especially if you want a wide palette of colors. A smaller project will allow you to learn and perfect your technique before tackling a larger, more expensive project.
    If you are still uncertain that you could actually do this, look at what previous students have done in this class. Most of these were all stitched by students who had only a little or no experience with thread painting.
    If you are interested in this workshop, you can find more information at Art & Soul Retreats

  • It’s Finally Shipping! Maplewood is Here

    Dear readers and followers. I have been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally here! My first line of fabric by Northcott – Maplewood is arriving in the stores this month. I can’t wait to see it on the bolt, so far I’ve only seen the sample cuts Northcott sent me. A second line – Mighty Pines – is set to be in the stores in the fall, it ships in October. We are working on a third line (but that design is a secret and only in the preliminary design stage).

    A quilt made from my new fabric line – Maplewood
    Coming in October! Mighty Pines by Northcott Fabrics

    I’m so thrilled to have a line of fabrics, this has been a long time dream of mine to design fabrics and I am delighted that it is through Northcott and part of their Stonehenge line. I have been a fan of those fabrics since they first appeared.

    There will be an event this Tuesday May 15th at 6 pm at Sharon’s Attic to introduce the new fabrics and I hope my friends and fans can attend.