Hello my faithful readers. I have been having website problems. Something came up where I could not see my own photos – though it sounds like other visitors could and in the course of trying to fix this, several things happened:

First, I noticed that there was a new update from WordPress and I ran it thinking that might fix my gallery issue. What it did was suddenly display a flood of unread messages to my site, some dating back to June and forward. A few had been forwarded to my Gmail account as they are supposed to be but many had not. The update did not fix my gallery problem so I decided to contact Tech support at my server host and they found an issue that needed resolving that would take 24 hours and started the process; meanwhile I began replying to the messages starting with the oldest first. I made it up to late August when the whole site crashed. The next day they completed the process that needed to be done with the result that NOTHING on the site worked correctly anymore.

My son went to work on trying to repair is and several hours later, he managed to get it up and running but he had to restore it from the most recent backup – which wasn’t recent enough. I lost my most recent blog, my updated class calendar and all my newer messages that came after my last backup.

I managed to reply to some of the messages but not all so if you tried to reach me through the contact page on the site and never received a reply, please contact me again otherwise I have no record of your first attempt.

It’s going to take me at least a few days to re-enter the lost data – update my calendar of classes and rewrite the last blog. Luckily, I had drafted it in a Word document before transferring it to the blog so I haven’t lost the entire article, my priority however is in replacing the information about upcoming classes. Please bear with me while I restore my site.

And remember to DO YOUR BACKUPS!!!

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