Farewell My Sweet Prince

Many friends know of my cat Koshka – our refugee from Afghanistan but those of you who know me personally, know of my other cat Bosco who has quietly lived with us for nearly 20 years. Sadly Boisco passed away yesterday afternoon, dying in his sleep as peacefully and quietly as he lived. As if by a miracle, the clouds parted and provided him a last ray of the sunshine he loved so much, to bathe in as he laid on our bed and his spirit left in that ray as it faded as if the Sun God Ra was taking him with Him into the west. I am heart broken – Bosco was like a child to me from the first night when I saw his fuzzy little face and cradled him in my arms to the last morning when I cradled him in my arms again to say farewell as I left for a class. My husband stayed with him the whole day so he did not die alone. Even Koshka senses he is gone and wanders from room to room mourning him though they were not friends. I and my husband will miss our quiet sweet little prince

Bosco: 1999 – March 1, 2018

Farewell Sweet Prince,

You died as you lived ‚Äď with quiet dignity,

I wept as I cradled you in my arms for the last time and the skies wept with me before they paused to grant you one last ray of the sunshine you loved so much, to bask in before the Sun God faded taking your soul with him on his journey to the west.

I weep once more and the skies join me in my grief, our tears mingling as we bid you safe travels to whatever sweet heaven awaits you.

You were prince among cats and you will be missed.

Bosco – 1999-2018
Gone from our arms but not from our hearts

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