Gallery Woes

A warm hello to all my fans and followers, I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday and is ready to greet the New Year with enthusiasm. I have been incredibly busy every since late summer with a few important engagements – being a featured quilter at Northwest Quilting Expo where I displayed the largest showing of my work ranging from first quilts to my latest work; organizing the quilts to hang was a monumental task and I was also an instructor at this event. This was followed by a week of classes in Blackfoot Idaho, and then back to my regular schedule of local classes and working on a commission.

I’ve also been working on a stack of UFOs, my New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to finish ten UFOs and I decided to qualify as a UFO, the project had to have been shelved more than a year ago, just finishing current WIPs (Works In Progress) would not count. As it turns out, I should have included them, to date I’ve finished five, only half my goal but I have finished many other more recently started projects. As for my second 2019 resolution – cleaning and reorganizing my sewing studio… HA! Ha, Ha, Ha… need I say more? Maybe I’ll get to that this coming year.

On to the main subject of my post. I am having troubles with my website gallery. It was working fine about a month and a half ago, but after the most recent updates to WordPress, the gallery plugin and a few other operational plugins on my site, now all I can get on the lightbox slide show are tiny images. I was notified by a visitor to my site about a week and a half ago that the slideshow on the gallery albums was not working correctly. I tried a ‘fix’ posted by the plugin developer but it did not correct the problem so I am working with their tech support right now to find a cause and solution; they think it may be a conflict with another plugin but it may take some time to find and fix the problem. I ask you all to be patient while we sort this out, I hope to have it resolved soon and be back to work posting additional gallery pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I am a true believer in photos. Images are the ‘eye candy’ that draw attention, text without images can be very bland so for your entertainment, I am posting the photos of the five UFOs I did manage to get done this year.

This project was from my Journal Quilt classes, and started about 7 years ago, I returned to the project and finished quilting it this year.
This project was started in 2011 as part of a pattern for Asian Fabric Magazine called Moon Cranes. It didn’t make the final cut, and I remade the version that got published only returning to finish this one with Sashiko this year.
I started this project for an exhibit at the Japanese Garden about 10 years ago. I abandoned it after my I ran into problems with the initial technique for creating the ‘windows’ for the bamboo chimes
This little fellow is Cattus Romanus from my Garden Patch Cat series; he represents a head of Romaine Lettuce. He got lost in a stack of other Orphan Cat Quilts in various stages of progress about 5 years ago
A sample of my Serene Marsh pattern from my Bella Vista Landscape Vignettes. This one features hand embroidered details and got shelved about 3 years ago.

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