Ho, Ho, Ho!

Dear readers and fellow stitchers; the year goes by so fast and once again – tis the season to be jolly… or it soon will be. I was in JoAnn’s the other day and Holy Moses, they have Christmas stuff! Guys – it’s not even Halloween yet. Remember the good old days when Christmas stuff made its appearance just before Thanksgiving?

But seriously, there are only 61 days left before Christmas and it’s not to early to start your Holiday projects. It’s time to pull out your needles and floss and start stitching some lovely keepsake ornaments.

A bit of history is in order here; I started my collection of Embroidered Folk Art Ornaments about 30 years ago when the first import store opened in my little hometown. They had these GORGEOUS embroidered and sequined ornaments imported from India and I wanted to get some but they were a whole $6 each. I was on a very tight budget and a flock of the ornaments would have wiped out my entire Christmas shopping purse. So РI decided to make my own. Felt was cheap, so was embroidery floss and sequins, the most expensive part was the 3-4 hours it took  me to stitch one up. In retrospect, $6 was a bargain! No way could I afford to make and sell one that cheaply. The sad reality is that if the store is selling it for $6, that means wholesale was probably about $3 and out of that, I imagine the Hindu artisan probably only made .50 (if even  that). Well, never mind I make my own and occasionally give one as a gift to a special loved one.

You can make them too. I am offering a couple of classes at Pioneer Quilts coming up in early November; one is on Sunday November 6th and another on Friday November  11th. If you get started soon, you can make a bunch of them by Christmas.


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