Kudos to Charlotte

Sometimes I think of myself as a mama bird, anxiously watching her hatchlings feather out and take wing. I am always proud of my students achievements whether they complete their assignments or not – they always get an A+ for effort and enthusiasm; I do not ascribe to Yoda’s admonishment to Luke – “Do or do not, there is no try”. I applaud ‘trying’, I’d rather see that than to have someone not even attempt something through fear of failure. \

In my experience, my students always produce something they should be proud of, sometimes I get to see it and sometimes I don’t. In some cases, they stay in touch either giving me progress reports or asking for additional mentoring as they finish their project (which I’m always delighted to give).

Those of you who follow me or check in on my posts regularly may recall a post I did several weeks back showing some landscape quilts in progress from some students. One of them – Charlotte – has been in touch off and on, asking questions and showing me picture of her quilt in progress. The other day she finally sent me a photo of her finished quilt and here it is for you to admire – Great job Charlotte!

Charlotte's Landscape Quilt.
Charlotte’s Landscape Quilt.

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