Wrapping Up Classes for the Year

Another year come and gone. I have a few more classes before I hang up my teaching cap for the winter. Upcoming is my Journal Quilt class at Pioneer Quilts on Friday December 2nd and then a Garden Patch Cats class at Sharon’s Attic on December 6th. Both of these are recurring classes (we meet for them every month).¬† In the Journal Quilt class we explore various techniques or design approaches that are a bit more ‘artistic’ than what is usually done in quilting while the Garden Cat class has evolved into more of an ‘open sew’ group; some work on the cat blocks while others bring unrelated projects to work on and perhaps receive advice or mentoring; every now and then we have an impromptu lesson on a specific technique like hand applique or something like that. In both classes we have a core group of participants that attend pretty much every month but we welcome new participants all the time.

The upcoming class I wanted to focus on the most though is my Thread Painting class at A Common Thread. This class will take place on Sunday December 4th and is a wonderful, fairly easy introduction to that art suitable for beginners but also has something to offer for seasoned thread painters who want to hone their skills. At its most basic, this project consisting of stitched butterflies, is a sort of ‘paint by number’ method like a coloring book image colored with thread,¬† For the more adventurous sewers, there is opportunity to learn and practice blending colors, transitional shading and/or creating textures and details. If you think this is beyond your abilities just look at the gorgeous butterflies ‘painted’ by previous students (OK, the last image is my original that I stitched). For many of these students, this was their first ever attempt at Thread Painting and just look at what they created!

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