Nice Kitty!

Good morning everyone! I want to share a picture with all you Garden Cat lovers. This pillow featuring my Garden Patch Cat pattern, Cattus Romanus, was made by my Facebook friend Maureen as a ‘memory’ quilt for a friend of hers who lost their beloved cat.

For those who are not familiar with this pattern series, they are cats shaped like vegetables and fruits and I encourage cat fans who make my patterns to share pictures of their quilts. I have received many such pictures but this one is a particularly wonderful rendering of C Romanus (who is a head of Romaine Lettuce). Normally, he looks like a gentleman wearing a ‘smoking jacket’ but here, Maureen has made some modifications to the face and ended up with one of the most perfect Burmese (long haired Siamese) cats I’ve seen. I’ve had students try to emulate the Siamese coloration on various cat patterns before but this is one of the best I’ve seen.

Maureen shared this picture on my Facebook page and I encourage everyone who makes these cats to share their pictures with me. To see the complete line of Garden Patch Cat patterns visit Story Quilts

Cattus Romanus
Cattus Romanus

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