San Diego California

I have to get better about blogging, it does not come easily for me. I have returned from a trip to teach and lecture for the Friendship Quilters in San Diego which was a great trip. I stayed with a wonderful hostess and met many talented and enthusiastic quilters in the guild. The weather – well that was not the greatest, it was hot and muggy and though I was leaving a hot spell in Portland, the weather in San Diego was more oppressive. Never mind, I really enjoyed the trip even with the weather.

Between lecture and class, I got to see some of the sights including the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. LOVE those tigers but the only glimpse I got of a cheetah was crashed out in the shade, couldn’t see more than a spotted ‘carpet’. I took lots of pictures of animals, inspirations for future designs. I also went to the Visions Gallery where I saw a fabulous exhibit of quilts by Caryl Breyer Fallert. They were all smaller than her work that I have seen in quilt shows and frankly, I think these were the best pieces of hers I’ve seen to date – EXQUISITE!

Onto the workshop – students made miniature landscapes in a choice of two scenes, a seascape and a marsh. Though students worked from kits I created, they were encouraged to play with the selections and swap any fabric they did not find appealing and several chose to do so. Following the pictures of the students at work are several photos of some of the projects. I would dearly have loved to get a group shot of the students holding up their quilts but one of my failings as a teacher (depending on your point of view) is that I get so immersed in the class that I often forget to stop and take pictures until the class is over and the students have left. Note to self – TAKE MORE PICTURES!

Mini Landscape Lecture
A lecture on how to achieve great effects with fabric for landscape quilts precedes the class
Mini Landscape lecture 2
Attentive students listen and learn
Students at work
Students at work on their projects
student at work 3
Cutting and fusing the landscape
Students at work 3
One on one advice regarding border selection
Landscape kits
Each kit is unique based on the fabrics selected
Landscape 1
Student project #1
Student project #2
Project #2 - note the borders being 'auditioned'
Project #3
Project #3
Project #4
Project #4 - auditioning inner border
Project #5
Project #5 - with potential borders
Project #6
Project #6 - seascape


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