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  • Nice Kitty!

    Good morning everyone! I want to share a picture with all you Garden Cat lovers. This pillow featuring my Garden Patch Cat pattern, Cattus Romanus, was made by my Facebook friend Maureen as a ‘memory’ quilt for a friend of hers who lost their beloved cat.

    For those who are not familiar with this pattern series, they are cats shaped like vegetables and fruits and I encourage cat fans who make my patterns to share pictures of their quilts. I have received many such pictures but this one is a particularly wonderful rendering of C Romanus (who is a head of Romaine Lettuce). Normally, he looks like a gentleman wearing a ‘smoking jacket’ but here, Maureen has made some modifications to the face and ended up with one of the most perfect Burmese (long haired Siamese) cats I’ve seen. I’ve had students try to emulate the Siamese coloration on various cat patterns before but this is one of the best I’ve seen.

    Maureen shared this picture on my Facebook page and I encourage everyone who makes these cats to share their pictures with me. To see the complete line of Garden Patch Cat patterns visit Story Quilts

    Cattus Romanus
    Cattus Romanus

  • On the road again!

    Once again I will be getting on an airplane to California, this time to the Bay Area where I will be presenting and lecture and workshop for the Diablo Valley Quilters in Danville California on April 16th (lecture) and 17th (workshop).

    My lecture, Transcending the Vision, covers the creative process of taking a raw idea and transforming it into a quilt. The lecture includes a step by step digital presentation on the making of my award winning quilt ‘The Captain’s Wife’ and includes a trunk show of other quilts.

    The Workshop on the following day – Cultural Inspirations, is on working with those ‘Can’t Bear To Cut It’ fabrics that are often presented in ethnic themes. These bold prints do not fare well when chopped up to make pieced blocks and are at their best when ‘showcased’ in a quilt. Though the class and project were inspired by my passion for ethnic art and cultural themes, the project is versatile and lends itself well to any theme. Bold novelty prints for holidays such as Christmas or Halloween adapt well for the project as well as other ‘theme’ fabrics – Laurel Burch prints, Kaffe Fassett or Amy Butler fabrics, Juvenile novelty prints… any fabrics that can spark and idea and be combined with a supporting cast of colors and textures in a similar subject. This is also a wonderful stash buster project. Students can design their own unique composition of follow one of several suggested layouts.

    For more information on the lecture and workshop contact the Diablo Valley Quilters


    African Inspirations
    Egyptian Inspirations
    Eye of RA
    Cherry Komon
    Japanese Inspirations 1
    Well Crib
    Japanese Inspirations Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
    SQ Cherry Blossom
    Student Quilt
    Cherry Blossom
    Bamboo Komon
    African Shield Quilt
    She Who Watches

  • And Then There Is Taupe

    Last week I gave a presented a lecture to my own guild, Northwest Quilters, about Taupe Quilts. Taupe is a color but it is also a genre of fabrics popular in Japan and many Japanese quilters love creating quilts with Taupe fabrics. The presentation included a trunk show on my work along with quilts borrowed from friends. I even gave a slide presentation of a few quilts made by Japanese quilter and ‘Queen of Taupe’- Yoko Saito whose company ‘Quilt Party’ graciously gave me permission to use. My own quilting style is markedly different than the exquisite work by Japanese quilters and I don’t make many traditional looking quilts so being able to include these images along with the borrowed quilts rounded the presentation out more than if it had been solely my work shown.

    Helene Discusses her Taupe Quilting Techniques
    Helene Discusses her Taupe Quilting Techniques
    Two Sleeping Cats quilts in Taupe fabrics
    One of my commercially published Applique patterns